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Caring for your aging parent is a full time job. As a caregiver you spend more and more of your time caring for your senior parent, and consequently getting more stressed with your own life. Over time, juggling caregiving with work, raising children and managing a household increases your own risk for depression or illness. Our caregiver assistance program can help you get the support you need

Many caregivers skimp on sleep, do not eat right, skip exercise, and put their own life on hold. If you are neglecting your own health, you’re more likely to suffer from high cholesterol or high blood pressure or weight gain.

A conservative estimate reports that 20% of family caregivers suffer from depression, twice the rate of the general population. 

You may need to ask yourself “Who will take my place if I myself get sick?” It is imperative that you to take good care of yourself—even while you are taking care of your aging loved one.

It is possible to take some much-needed time for yourself, while also meeting the needs of your senior parent, through Anytime Care’s caregiver assistance services.

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